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Kiwi Landing Pad – SF

If you or any of your advisee companies is heading to do business in San Francisco or Silicon Valley the Kiwi Landing pad is the best place to be.

“Kiwi Landing Pad was established to help selected New Zealand tech companies establish and grow their business in the USA.
Supported by prominent tech investors and the New Zealand Government our organisation offers serviced office facilities in the heart of SOMA, home to many of the world’s leading tech and internet organisations.
Kiwi Landing Pad was established to help selected New Zealand tech companies establish and grow their business in the USA.
Landing Pad tenants gain the benefits of an established office facility and access to a wealth of experience and networks in the US business and investment community.”
Who is there already? – check out residents VendHQ, Mako and Xero to name 3 .
The actual physical street address isLevel 1,
880 Harrison Street
San Francisco
CA 94107
Here is a programme that might help you or a company you know.

What could a month in San Francisco do for your business / idea ?

Kiwi Landing Pad (KLP) and Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) have collaborated to provide the opportunity for a group of aspiring entrepreneurs to spend 4 weeks based in San Francisco immersed in presentations and networking with the startup community of Silicon Valley.

Participants will be flown to San Francisco, where they’ll have access to the The Kiwi Landing Pad facilities and meeting rooms, as well as tailored sessions on how to successfully enter the U.S. market, get funding, find a partner, or otherwise get their business to the next level.

Who is it for?

– Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business to the U.S.
– Tech companies looking to accelerate their business plans for funding / customers / distributors in the USA
– Entrepreneurs with a bright idea they want to get off the ground that needs market validation / research in the USA.

How do I apply?

It’s pretty simple first, you need to:

Click here to download the application form.

Feel free to add videos, graphics, or any additional materials you feel your need to get your message across.

Once finished, send your application to:


Internet Cafe meets Koru Club – Singapore

Interesting mash up here –

Geek Terminal made its debut on 30th May 2007 in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District at 55 Market Street.

What a name! It is the world’s first technology lifestyle F&B establishment that not only provides high speed in-house wireless internet access, but also provides power on demand for every patron on laptop! Its aim is to cater and appeal to business travelers and mobile executives who spend most of their time out of office looking for a place to conduct meetings and work on their laptops while sipping a cup of aromatic ILLY cappuccino or latte. What’s more, its patrons can also access business centre services such as print, fax, scan, copy or call overseas at very low cost if not free. Incredibly, this is also the first F&B outlet to offer its patrons ability to charge their handphones or PDAs when their batteries are running low! One less excuse for not able to be reached when in town!

Not just for geeks: An entrepreneur hopes to make Web browsing an enjoyable experience in Singapore.

That’s what a Singapore entrepreneur hopes you’ll be asking on your business travels in a few years. Christopher Lee and his partners got fed up with the difficulty they faced trying to get connected to the Internet — and to electrical outlets — while on business trips.

The frustrations are familiar to many. A cafe or restaurant might offer free Wi-Fi, but then no electrical outlet, or vice versa — and the waitress gives you dirty looks for lingering. Or your hotel charges high connection fees. Or an Internet cafe is essentially an arcade, with loudspeakers blaring screams and explosions from violent online games — and every other customer is a teenage boy.

The list goes on.

Lee decided there was demand for a convenient, professional place where customers could feel welcome to do business for as long as they pleased, alone or in a group, without pressure to buy anything. The first Geek Terminal, in Singapore, is the result (

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