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Global Technology Partnership

Hi (from John)

I’ve been asked by FRST to do a short review of a program they have called Global Technology Partnership.

FRST have licensed access to a knowledge base to provide the service that seems very comprehensive accessing hundreds of universities, research organisations and commercial companies worldwide.

If you need to locate a person with specialist technical information or a supplier they will do a search for a flat fee of $NZ 2750 plus GST. 

Ones they have completed so far include finding people with unique skills (for example they located a technical expert in a very obscure field for an NZ manufacturing company that needed exactly the expertise this guy had), and they have also found companies that can manufacture specialised items and components.  

I had never heard of the service but would have used it if I knew it existed for several problems Tekron has had recently locating suppliers. We are also currently looking for suppliers in China and this service seems like a  very economical way of getting some contacts.

So my question is have any of you heard of it or tried it and if you have tried it what did you think.

If you haven’t tried it do you think it would be of interest to companies you work with.

Kind regards

John O’Hara