These members have supported us in the past and sometimes may still attend.

Alec Brown, Vital Marketing provides a full range of marketing services from strategy and research, through to PR, direct mail and promotions.

Andrew M. Corner, CA is an entrepreneurial tech investor who provides services such as business & strategy development, product commercialisation, capital raising, and general management support.
CS-VUE Consent Compliance Systems
amc @

Peter Dickinson works strategically with NZ software and technology companies focussing both on off-shore development (Australia, USA and Europe) and maximising the current enterprise.
peter-d @

Phil Norman, Nortek Management Services Limited, offers services including mergers, acquisitions and divestment, capital raising, strategy development, business planning, product commercialisation, international market development, technology audits and business mentoring.
phil @

John O’Hara provides strategic advice to companies wishing to expand offshore into the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States through either licensing or joint venture companies.

Campbell Stevenson, StreetSmart Partners Limited, helps management teams to make deliberate and informed decisions about the use and deployment of corporate resources – especially cash and people.
campbell @

Scott Gilmour
Currently Chairman at Mi5 Security, Nextspace Ltd, “I Have a Dream” Charitable trust
Previously at: NZTE Beachheads Programme, IceAngels, Intel


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