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NZ projects get Booster Seat for Silicon Valley

Do you have a NZ start-up that would benefit from a month in Silicon valley / SF ?

Booster Seat is for you – you are up for

  • Return flights for 2 people to San Francisco;
  • Accommodation in San Francisco for 30 days; and
  • Up to 2 desks at the new kiwi run, SOMA district office space “The Landing Pad” to work from during your stay.

The total prize is limited to NZD$10,000, so depending on how schmancy you are with your accommodation, you might have some spending money left over too

NB. This competition is not restricted to web startups. You might have a growing business that wants to enter the USA market or just a great idea that you want to make fly. If the idea is good and the passion is clear then you’re in the running.

Entries close on August 14th 2011 full details on the booster seat site.

There are other competitions in the US such as DEMO and various Launchpad events organised by O’Reilly that would be great to work into the timetable if you win.

I wrote about some of these at “is R & D Spend a useful Measure of innovation?

Being on the ground in Silicon Valley is the very best kind of R & D – big wave to Nicole Fougere & Rich Chetwynd for funding this competition.