Boutique Venture Capital Firm

In an update from Silicon valley a new VC firm has been launched.

“Andreessen, a co-founder of Netscape, knows a thing or two about what young, inexperienced, brainstorming whiz kids might face in the big bad world.

Netscape’s appearance in the mid-1990s is considered the internet’s Big Bang. Netscape served up the first eye-popping IPO of what was to become the dot-com boom and at one point its eponymous browser had 90% of the market.”

Marc Andreessen launched Boutique Venture Capital Firm with business partner Ben Horowitz  VC  fund last Monday with an initial capitalization of $300 million that the pair intends to invest in “anything that involves chips and computers” at a clip of $50,000 to $50 million per start-up.

“they they won’t invest in anything they don’t understand, period. This includes a lot of “cool stuff,” the eternally-boyish Andreessen explains, like clean and nano technology.

If you get to make a pitch a decision won’t be long in coming because it’s only the two partners deciding. But don’t bother to cold e-mail them with your Google-killing idea. You need an invitation to this party  — a referral from somebody you both know and that they respect. This rule, however — more bean-counter than dreamer-friendly — is pretty much disposed of almost as quickly as it is enunciated. “We’ll probably read the e-mail,” they say, shrugging and shooting each other a look after a moment’s reflection.”

Continue reading over here Marc Andreessen Forms Boutique Venture Capital Firm


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