Halo Fund

Here is a summary of the Halo Fund. Please download and read the full pdf pitch book (2mb) for all the details. About 17 pages. Click here Halo Pitch Book 190509

Executive Summary
• The Halo Fund No 1 provides a ‘fund’ approach to Angel investing. It gives investors a unique opportunity to gain access in a cost effective manner to a portfolio of New Zealand early-stage, high growth investments. It does so by partnering with New Zealand’s most experienced Angel investors to invest in new technology companies in dynamic, high-value sectors like software, bio-technology, and medical diagnostics.
• The Funds Manager is a joint venture between seven of New Zealand’s leading Angel groups – comprising Angel investors from throughout the country – and the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF). It will be overseen by a Board of Directors with a deep wealth of experience in business and expertise in early-stage investing. Through its relationship with NZVIF’s Seed Co-Investment Fund (SCIF), it will immediately gain access to a range of New Zealand’s most exciting young companies.
• In addition to drawing upon the skills and expertise of Co-Investors, the Fund offers investors a structured investment product in a market that to date has been largely unstructured.
• The Fund will invest in over 30 businesses across a broad portfolio of companies (diverse in terms of geography, Co-investors, and industry sectors) and will be unique in that individuals can gain exposure in a reasonable timeframe to a diversified portfolio of early-stage investments in New Zealand.
• The Fund will be a passive fund, drawing on the expertise of experienced Angel investors from across New Zealand’s early-stage investment community. These individuals bring decades of industry specific experience in founding companies, acting as CEOs, carrying out IPOs, and exiting investments.
• The Fund presents an ideal opportunity for new and existing Angel investors to enter the market in a diversified manner and become familiar with Angel investing, while assisting to develop the next generation of world-class New Zealand businesses.


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