Improving Profitability Workshops-Feb ’08

Jonathan Hughes, a director of Vantage Partners is coming to New Zealand in February 2008 to present a number of one-day seminars on Improving Profitability Through Managing Key Relationships.  Vantage Partners has given us your name as someone who may be interested in attending.

Since 1999 Management Toolbox has been working with over 100 well known New Zealand and Australian companies to provide them with leading edge procurement and supply chain services.  During this time we have presented a number of one-day workshops.  We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to attend our latest seminar with Jon. 

To find out more about Management Toolbox and the seminars see:  

Jon is an internationally renowned expert on this subject, having worked with numerous high-profile companies, published articles in leading journals, lectured internationally, and formed part of the team who developed the best-seller book ‘Getting to YES”.  This is your opportunity to learn the lessons from world class organisations.  

Jon will be holding four one-day seminars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  The seminars will be carried out in a similar manner to previous years, based on organisations buying a table for five people and inviting employees, suppliers and/or customers. 

Given the focus on Strategic Relationships, this format gives you a rare opportunity to use the interactive workshop environment to attend with your strategic suppliers/customers to use the interactive forum to work on real opportunities and gain real-time results. 

We look forward to introducing you to Jon. (see Improve Profit Thru Managing Key Relationships.pdf PDF-217k – or contact Libby for more details)

Libby Hunt Floor, 14 Normanby Road, Mt Eden|  PO Box 105 333  | AUCKLAND
Tel:  DDI: (+64) 9 638 4904|  Fax: (+64) 9 913 9129


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