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So what? So SaaS …

What’s all the buzz about Software-as-a-Service? We’ve been in this space for almost four years, and the only thing that’s changed in the way we deliver our CS-VUE application is our logo.

We built CS-VUE on a rock solid linux platform back in late 2003. Back then, Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (or LAMP) architecture was e-merging (sic).

So roll forward 48 months to October 2007 and – low and behold! – all that’s changed in our innovating, leading solution is the industry acronym “SaaS”!

There was a time when our application would be referred to as ASP (which had many faces: Application Server Protocol, Application Service Provider, Application … you get the point).

I read today that big guns are now touting SaaS as a real and dominant risk to their nice, tidy, stitched up product-licensed user base.

Here’s a case in point:-

Speaking at NetSuite Revolution, the annual partner conference for the San Mateo, California-based hosted ERP, CRM and e-commerce platform provider, Brian Sommer said the late adopters and laggards are the only companies still buying traditional licensed software. The analyst and CEO of Batavia, Illinois-based based Tech Ventive said SAAS appeals to the early majority adopters, adding that’s where partners should play.

“The traditional market is definitely in decline, its the other markets that are in ascendancy and that’s where you need to be focusing,” said Sommer.

“And if you’re going to play there, he said, you’re going to need to pitch your solutions on something other than efficiency. Companies have already cut their back office expenses to the bone. If a company is going to invest in a new ERP solution or an upgrade, said Sommer, they’re going to want to see real, concrete business value.

“You can’t keep going in there and automating things that have already been automated again and again, they’re not going to buy it,” said Sommer. “You’ve got to have a compelling value proposition.”

In the Y2K era, when companies had a gun to their heads, Sommer said they had little choice but to buy. Now, however, things have changed. Spending is more discretionary, and total cost of ownership has been replaced by return on investment as the compelling driving factor.

“You need to create vertical solutions because that’s what they want,”said Sommer.

And I totally agree.

That’s why CS-VUE will continue to innovate in its space, challenge the norm, and deliver continued state-of-the-art and world-class solutions.

We don’t care about how many users you have: you could have 5, 10 or 500! We’d rather have all your employees connected to us so that your organisation saves time, money, effort and gets on with doing what YOU do best. Licensing 101 (as revised by CS-VUE).

Leave the administration to us.

Source Article:
The new way to sell ERP in a SAAS world

CS-VUE Consent Compliance Systems


PDMA New Zealand Launch Event

The Objectives of PDMA ( Product Development and Management Association of New Zealand ) New Zealand include:

  • To promote an awareness among the New Zealand business community, academia and government as to the importance of product innovation to the nation’s economic well-being.
  • To promote the development of capability, processes and practices that result in improvement in product innovation.
  • To enable access to “best practice” knowledge and experience in product innovation through national and international networking and collaboration

Tuesday, 6th November 2007 You are invited to the launch of a new network and knowledge base: PDMA-New Zealand

5:30         Arrive
5:45         Introduction
6:00         Speaker: Adj. Prof. Rod Oram
                    ‘Business Environment for Innovation’
6:20-7:30  Networking

Study Centre Staff Lounge
Massey University
Gate 1, Albany Expressway

Click here for a map

Click here to view the flyer (and feel free to forward onto other people who may be interested)

                   RSVP by clicking here

CMMI Training course

NZ’s first public offering of the Software Engineering Institute’s (Carnegie Mellon University) Introduction to CMMI course, runs in Wellington 27-29 November.

As you probably know, the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a framework for process improvement in software, hardware and systems engineering – Gartner describes it as ‘the de-facto improvement model in the development community’.

Any organisations that should be interested in practices to improve quality, reduce cost and capture the intellectual property in their methods, they may want to take a look at this (and if they’re doing anything with defence or aviation it definitely needs to be on their list).

The attached PDF has all details Gen-i CMMI Training.pdf

Chris O’Brien
Software Capabilities Manager

T:      +64 3 353 3780

Selling to NZ Government (ICN)

Half day seminar on selling to the New Zealand Government

Industry Capability Network
This free half day seminar will give you insights into the processes and challenges of selling to government.

The procurement process
Presentation on the RFx process, mandatory requirements, transparency and

The RFP process
What happens to the RFP when it arrives at the agency?
What works?
What does not work?

Sustainability issues
Sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important factors in government procurement. Several new initiatives are taking place. This is your chance to get up to speed on future directions

Partnering for success
Multi-national vendors talk about their strategies for partnering with New Zealand SMEs. New Zealand SMEs discuss their experiences of partnering with Multi-national vendors

What’s being done to assist SMEs
There are several initiatives being approved that will make it easier to bid for local companies.

Forum discussion
Your chance to discuss the issues that concern you in an open forum. CIOs and procurement specialists will address the issues that you decide on.

Guest speakers include departmental CIOs, procurement specialists and Policy Advisors

Level 28 Majestic Centre
100 Willis Street

November 16th 2007

9am – 12:30

If you wish to attend please email your details to David Sheppard at the Industry Capability Network (ICN):

The Industry Capability Network works with local suppliers to facilitate their participation in major New Zealand and Australian projects and government procurement.