The Weightless Economy

The New Zealand Institute is pleased to announce that it is commencing a new project on ‘The Weightless Economy’. This project builds on the Institute’s last discussion paper, ‘So Far Yet So Close’ , which described ways in which New Zealand firms might be better able to access global markets. One of the themes in this report was the significant potential offered by the weightless economy to a physically remote economy like New Zealand.

To launch this project, the Institute is today releasing two presentations. Creating a weightless economy makes the case for the weightless economy to be an area of strategic focus for New Zealand and outlines some ideas for action, ranging from investing in R&D and tertiary education to communications infrastructure.

The second presentation outlines the first piece of work that the Institute will be doing in this area – developing A broadband strategy for New Zealand. The broadband work will examine two key issues.

  • The first is to estimate the economic value of broadband to New Zealand and, on this basis, to propose an aspiration for New Zealand’s broadband infrastructure.
  • The second is to examine how New Zealand should move to achieve that aspiration, looking at the pace of roll-out, the cost, and the most appropriate funding model.

Also available on the Institute’s website are presentations recently released on New Zealand’s economic relationship with Asia and on the longer-term challenges and opportunities facing the New Zealand economy.

Over the next couple of months, the Institute will be releasing some initial outputs from the broadband project as well as a discussion paper from its climate change project that makes recommendations on the emissions reduction commitments that New Zealand ought to make. Thank you for your interest in the work of the New Zealand Institute.

Thank you for your interest in the work of the New Zealand Institute.
Dr David Skilling
Chief Executive


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