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Successful Business Growth 101: Applied CRM

24 07 2007

The most successful businesses that I know follow a clearly structured sales methodology and a detailed plan to get there. It shouldn’t be too surprising that in order to get to a big sales goal there are a whole series of much smaller structured activities that need to be followed through.

Here are some outlines on key learnings from many years of successful marketing and sales campaigns.

1. Define Objectives

Typically a business will select a CRM because they want new customers or new business. They see this as a sales hunting exercise and often have other sales people for farming or account management duties. The sales “farmers” are looking to grow the business by selling more products or more volume of the same products and services to the same people.

So the first step in more successful sales plan is to decide whether you have new customers/new business goals or account management goals and your strategy will be different. Remember – a CRM allows you to treat different customers in different ways according to their needs, goals and desires.

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HP buys Opsware for more than $1.6 billion in cash

 Yesterday, 24 July 2007, 2:27:24 a.m. | Marc Andreessen

In September 1999, at the height of the dot com boom, a small group of colleagues and I started a new company, Loudcloud, based on the idea that the huge Internet infrastructure buildout then underway — by startups and big companies alike — required a new approach to running modern datacenters and computer systems at high scale: automation.

The eight years that have followed have been an unbelievable journey.

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